Hurel’s Haydn


The Haydn flute sonata I just discovered, which Liam says is really the String Quartet op.77 no.1 (and it is). Very beautifully played by French flautist Juliette Hurel:

The sheet music is available for free download from the IMSLP.

This is great! I’ve always moaned and groaned about the lack of flute works by the composers I consider most worthwhile, but increasingly I’m discovering the fantastic range of arrangements of other chamber works and sonatas. Flute players so often seem trapped in the early 20th century’s French school and repertoire, and play these pieces without a real understanding for the development of art music between and beyond the Mozart concertos and Fauré/Enesco/Gaubert (cheese music). So instead, armed with my Boehm flute – unavailable as it was to composers prior to the late 19th century – I aim to go back through the the centuries and construct an ‘alternative’ repertoire for the flute, one that traces the fidelity to truth in art music (read Badiou’s Ethics) and provides far more possibility and interest for the thinking musician.

In this way, I will add Haydn’s Flute Sonata to Schubert’s Arpeggione, Brahms’ Op.120 (thanks clarinets), and Schoenberg’s arranged Wind Quintet. And so on. Who needs a violin?!


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