Repertoire Dreaming


I’ll add to this as I go along – I might even make a thing of it, and by thing I mean ‘Page’ – but here are just some initial thoughts on a repertoire list of the future. Alphabetical, but by period (I’ve divided up the 20th century). I’m keeping it simple for now and only looking at works for flute solo or flute & one other instrument, generally keyboard. I’ll include the pieces I’ve now played that I’d like to keep in my repertoire forever. But mostly this is planning (dreaming).


Bach, C.P.E. // Sonata in A minor (solo), ‘Hamburger’ Sonata, Concerto in D minor
Bach, J.S. // Partita in A minor, Sonatas (especially E & B minor, E & A major)
Telemann, G.P. // Fantasias, Canonic & Methodical Sonatas (selection)


Beethoven ?? violin sonata
Haydn, J. // Sonata after String Quartet Op.77 No.1
Mozart, W.A. // Concertos (because I have to), Flute Quartets (w strings)


Brahms, J. // Sonatas in F minor & Eb major Op.120 (also violin sonata A maj??)
Franck, C. // Sonata in A major
Fétis, F.J. // Concerto in B minor
Schubert, F. // Arpeggione Sonata D821
Schumann ?? violin sonata
Strauss, R. // Sonata in E major Op.18
Wagner, R. // Träume or other violin solos (just for fun!!)


Hindemith, P. // Acht Stücke
Maderna ??
Martinu, B. // First Sonata
Prokofiev, S. // Sonata in D
Schoenberg, A. // Sonata after the Wind Quintet, Op.26
Varèse, E. // Density 21.5


Berio, L. // Sequenza I
Boulez, P. // Sonatine
Carter, E. // Scrivo in vento, Enchanted preludes – w/ cello
Feld, J. // Sonata for flute & piano
Ferneyhough, B. // Cassandra’s Dream Song; Unity Capsule …!
Furrer, B. // Presto con fuoco; Invocation III … VI! – w/ sop
Globokar, V. // Monolith
Gould, G. // Flute Sonata (!)
Halffter, C. // Debla
Holliger, H. // (t)aire(e), Sonate (in)solit(air)e
Hurel, P. // Loops, Eolia
Jolivet, A. // Cinq Incantations, Suite en concert – w/ percussion
Murail, T. // Unanswered Questions
Messiaen, O. // Le Merle Noir
Neuwirth, O. // Spleen II
Pauset, B. // Euridice
Poulenc, F. // Sonata for flute & piano
Saariaho, K. // Laconisme de L’aile
Scelsi, G. // Quays
Sciarrino, S. // Opera per Flauto, Concerto??
Stockhausen, K. // In Freundschaft, Flautina
Takemitsu, T. // Voice
Yun, I. // Etudes


Dean, B. // Demons (2004)
Flenady, L. // Toccata-Recitative (2011) – alto fl


Karg-Elert, S. // Thirty Studies, Op.107
Jean Jean, F.P. // Etudes Modernes
Andersen, J. // 24 Etudes Op.15


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