Practising Technique


Today I did infinitely more practise than yesterday (yesterday I did none). Instead of anxiously diving into the repertoire I desperately need to work on, I decided it might be a good idea to once again attempt to construct some kind of technique practise plan. Working on Geoffrey Gilbert’s division of time, I endeavour to actually dedicate one hour per day to tone practise, then 30 mins to scales, 30 mins to finger drills, 30 mins to study …. and the rest to repertoire. Given my practise record of the past few weeks (months, lifetimes), this will be quite an undertaking. But I’m determined, godammit! And I believe I’m ready.

In the interest of variety, here are a few texts for me to cycle through:

Tone (1 2 3 1 2 3 4 – first cycle +5, second cycle +6)

1. Moyse // De la Sonorite
2. Dick // Tone Development Through Extended Techniques
3. Wye // Tone (Practise Book 1) & Vocalise
4. Moyse // Tone Development Through Interpretation
5. Richter // Conditioning Training
6. Lukas Graf // The Singing Flute

Indispensable Technique (1 2 3 1 2 4 1 2 5 1 2 6)

1. Gerhard’s exercise in 3 keys + chromatic 3s & 4s
2. Moyse // Gammes et Arpeges (1 line)
3. Wye // Scales (Practise Book 5)
4. Reichert // 7 Daily Exercises
5. Plummer & Draeger // Practical Studies for the Advanced Flautist
6. Barrère // 6 Daily Exercises

Variable Technique (1 2 3 4 5 …??)

1. Wye // Advanced Practise (Book 6) digital exercises
2. Taffanel & Gaubert // 17 Big Daily Exercises
3. Moyse // Chromaticisms
4. Wye // Advanced Practise (Book 6) finger exercises
5. Moyse // Unfamiliar Sequences

Expendable Technique

I just received in the mail my copy of Fluteworthy’s 99 Solos & Studies, so I’ll work through a number of the more advanced studies for now. Then I’d really like to make my way through the whole of Karg-Elert’s 30 Caprices and maybe some Jean-Jean after that.

Ambitious as per usual, and I do have a bit over an hour of repertoire to get under my belt for my first MPhil recital in late November – half of which I want to memorise – but not getting through to the second round of ANAM auditions does indicate that I haven’t quite covered my bases. Today I only managed to get through De la Sonorite & the Plummer/Draeger scale exercises (which are most uplifting). But I also followed up on my Alexander Technique lesson of yesterday and just lay-on-the-floor a lot and was a bit better at letting myself be in terms of not forcing posture.


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