Kathleen Gallagher


At lunchtime in the Ian Hanger was a concert that I could only have dreamed of seeing in Brisbane during my undergraduate.

It was organised by the rather extraordinary Kathleen Gallagher – flautist, singer, and soon to be my regular teacher (I have only been having the occasional lesson with her, but discussed with Patrick the possibility of taking fortnightly lessons with her in addition to my weekly lessons with him – he very much encouraged the idea and she has just agreed)! She, along with Graeme Jennings, John Addison, Vanessa Tomlinson, Andrew Brown, and everyone’s favourite prodigy Alex Raineri performed a selection of works by Kaija Saariaho.

By far the best work on the program was Cendres for alto flute, cello and piano (although I also have a very soft spot for the exotic Noa Noa for solo flute). Kathleen’s playing was completely amazing.

This isn’t her I’m afraid, but it’s such a good piece and this recording isn’t half bad:

Also, in the interest of knowing something of what I am getting myself into, I googled Kathleen. Her repertoire list is terrifying!!


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