Ins Bett


Still unable to practise due to the slow progression of this illness through various mechanisms of respiration I am becoming increasingly frustrated. But this is needless, after all there is still much in the way of preparation work I can do from my bed. And by this I don’t mean simply fantasising about what an incredible ensemble we might be able to pull together to play Sciarrino’s Aspern Suite next year (oh man, that would be good!), but rather detailed listening, marking up scores and planning.

Admittedly I did spend much of this afternoon writing my speech for a panel at Powershift tomorrow evening, which will follow a day for the most part spent at the National Day of Action against Coal and Coal Seam Gas rally – hopefully I will have enough of a voice to deliver such a talk… But come Monday, if I am still sick (and with the way this seems to be heading, with sharp pains in my throat, irritation in my chest, and the return of feverish symptoms, I am not feeling especially confident) then I will be drafting up one hell of a repertoire practise plan for now until my recital!

And as a side note, should you find yourself similarly restrained and depressed, I don’t particularly recommend watching Dancer in the Dark (thanks Tabatha, I cried like a baby!). However tempting and cheerful this scene may appear…:

My adolescent love for Björk is shamelessly reawakened. She is a bit magic, channelling as she does a child’s jouissance.


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