YPA rep 2012


So I decided, kind of at the last minute, to enter YPA next year. Mostly as a note to myself (so I don’t forget what I submitted in my application), this is the repertoire I’ll be performing:

Stage I –
Recital program, necessarily including at least one pre-1799, at least one 1800-1899, at least one post-1900, at least one work by an AMC represented composer.

  • Telemann Fantasia No. 9
  • Schubert ‘Arpeggione’ Sonata
  • Messiaen Le Merle Noir
  • Feld Flute Sonata (1st mvt)
  • Hurel Loops I
  • Ford Female Nude

Stage II –
Concerto with piano reduction accompaniment, at least 15mins. This is then what would be performed with orchestra for Stages III & IV.

  • Penderecki Flute Concerto

As you may have noted, this is wacky, angular Penderecki, as opposed to Threnody Penderecki. It’s quite a fun (and funny) piece. And Irena Grafenauer is totally rocking that wicked dress!

Anyway, now I am engaging in what Tabatha so accurately described as “that thing where you get really excited about future projects and repertoire instead of immediate concerns”.


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