Post-recital – new routine!


My recital may be over (and I’m yet to reflect on it here … my memory of it isn’t great, probably due to the consumption of c o p i o u s amounts of dumplings and beer), but once again I find myself with much to do. At the end of January I have the first round of the YPA competition, for which I have to prepare a full recital of repertoire, and I also have to submit a full draft of my ‘critical commentary’ (that’s my masters thesis) at the same time… which is currently only a quarter written! So I have my work cut out for me.

In addition, it should be noted, this time includes such things as many many gatherings, break-ups, celebrations, family events, and perhaps even a holiday – maybe. Also, finalising a Qld Flute Guild newsletter, compiling stuff for my tax return (much groaning), studying German, etc. Another opportunity to try to get super organised and stick to a plan in order to get things done! I haven’t succeeded yet, but I am getting slowly better…

In each day I would like to include the following:

  • At least 3hrs of practise, 4 where possible, with one day a week of just 1hr maintenance
  • This means there must also be at least 30mins of Alexander tech lying-on-the-floor
  • At least 2hrs working on my masters paper until I start to feel on top of it!
  • 1-2hrs of other organising and tasks – concerts next year, QFG newsletter, tax return, cleaning & tidying, typing minutes (I’m writing this because it’s something I need to do ASAP), etc.
  • 15mins DAILY German study
  • A morning walk or yoga class, plus healthy eating, to keep the body functioning
  • To keep me on track and to track my progress, it would be good to write a blog post daily as well if possible

This is a lot! It is achievable if I have nothing else on in the day, but as soon as I meet up with someone for tea and a scone, or get sidetracked by something or other online, or have to return a library book or go to a political meeting/function, it’ll be VERY hard to fit it all in. But from now on I’m working full time plus weekends, eight hours a day, to get this stuff happening.

It will definitely help if I can have practised two hours by 12pm, having also done a morning walk and most of the AT lie-down, so that’s one thing I’ll aim to do. I’ll schedule out each day before I go to bed the night before, and I’ll go to bed and rise early for best brain functioning. The other thing for me to keep in mind right now is heat and how badly it affects me. Once this marvelous cool snap is up I’ll be heading into air conditioning (the Con) early in the morning and working from there all day long – this means I need to plan lunches ahead too.

Phew! Wish me luck…


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