Sensible ambitions


I’m not one for being particularly sensible when it comes to my own visions of my future, but today I really thought about a more possible possibility for further study and I really felt okay about it.

Ever since my trip to Europe early this year (it was only the start of this year?? it seems like a decade ago!) I’ve latched onto this idea that I need to study at a prestigious contemporary music academy such as the Ensemble Modern Academy or similar in order to … actually I’m not entirely sure. In order to what? Gain the respect of my peers? or some self-respect? before embarking on a ‘career’ as a contemporary art musician. Anyway, I have also been thinking about the value of having a wonderful teacher (or two!), and actually how much more important this can be – especially at the stage I am at now – than winning a place in a highly competitive course.

So I think what I would like to do upon finishing my current masters, which will probably happen by the end of next year, is go and study with Helen Bledsoe at the Hochschule für Künste in Bremen. There are several key advantages to this plan: first and formost, I can stop terrorising myself into believing that if I don’t make it into some hot-shot school then there’s no way I’ll make it in the world of new music; secondly, I had a lesson with Helen when I was in Germany and she was truly lovely and one of those people you just know would be a remarkable teacher – and her blog is great; thirdly, Bremen is very central in North Germany – close in particular to Hamburg where my godparents live (Nate and Roland, who are so very lovely to me, and really more like my second grandparents in more than a token way) and to Cologne, where Liam is considering study; and fourthly, Helen is flautist with musikFabrik (in Cologne) – one of the better contemporary music ensembles in Germany – meaning that I would possibly have the opportunity to at the very least sit in on rehearsals regularly. Add to this that Helen said the Bremen course is not especially competitive for entry and I already met the standard when playing well below my best for her in January, and it’s all looking pretty winning right now.

My only real concern is that I’ll be too old… I’ll be 26 in 2013!! I can’t seem to find any cut-off age on the website or admission information, so hopefully it would be okay.

So for now I’ll focus on this masters (I can do another masters following this as mine’s actually a “Master of Philosophy – MPhil” and the later one would be a “Master of Music – MMus”) and my many playing projects for 2012, which are very exciting!! Today a group of us met about our new ensemble, Kupka’s Piano, and listened to repertoire for the concert late next year – with any luck we’ll be playing both Boulez’ Derive I and Grisey’s Talea! Plus some new works. And we have some pretty exciting ideas for perhaps touring the program around and about, out of Brisbane. I’ll also be playing some flute sonatas with pianist Brieley Cutting, and a very many exciting things for another flute recital, including a new alto flute piece written for both myself and Bettina Danielle Berger by Liam.

So much to look forward to! It’s a nice feeling.


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