New Year’s and all the things


On a rather lovely and lazy New Year’s Day, here are some resolutions of sorts, or at least some ambitions for the coming year:

  • The usual: to practise more and more regularly. Let’s say 4-5 hrs per day, but given my December average I might give myself some time to work up to this currently quite lofty goal.
  • To work my way through Modus Novus over the course of the year. I need better aural skills so that one day I might be able to sight-read! And, you know, all the other stuff.
  • To get Kupka’s Piano going, to prepare well for the two concerts we have planned, and to make them really something. With any luck we can create some excitement about some seriously hardcore new music – even if just amongst ourselves!
  • To really get on top of my masters paper – hopefully to have it all but finished by the end of June this year… I have some exciting ideas forming on how to make it into something that might even work! But now I need to get writing. In January, I aim to write 500 words per day (regardless of content).
  • To look after the physical body better. Yoga classes, dancing, Alexander Technique, and much more healthy home cooking and less eating out. At least 4 days per week with no meals out.
  • To look after my mental health better. Spending more time on my own (which will definitely happen, with Liam spending 3 months in France), at least a day per week where I don’t even leave the house… in short, I want to be a bit more antisocial! In addition, seeking out some kind of half-decent psychological support in Brisbane and reading good literature and poetry.
  • To study German seriously. I’m taking IML classes. I want to be writing to Gene and Nate in German by midyear, however simplistic and full of mistakes it is!
  • To balance politics with my artistic and academic development. To work out how much time I can realistically dedicate to it and really work hard to keep it at that wherever possible. To focus most of my energies for now into the Coal Seam Gas campaign and growing a new feminist movement, as well as learning broader Marxist theory and helping with branch organising.

Mostly this is all kind of boring – it’s the stuff that I’ve been trying to make happen constantly for myself. Circular breathing is a nice afterthought of sorts, and a good goal to at least work towards. But really, what this all actually requires is only one actual resolution:

  • Rigorous organisation of time for maximum productivity! That means goal setting, compartmentalising, scheduling, motivation, a positive mind, recognising my own limits, being flexible, daily commitment, action and activity, hard work … all the things!

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