Tomorrow (a plan)


Every day is ‘a new day in the desert’. (Liam’s elaboration on Malevich/Badiou)

And the 2nd of January, I feel, is a particularly new day in a particularly new desert. If I am to be super-flute-woman (as described in my previous post), I need to get on top of a few things. Tomorrow, this is what I want to achieve:

Flute & Practise:

Rewrite the tech practise plan to accommodate new goals and specific problems.
3hrs of practise (don’t want to over-do it after weeks of barely managing an hour a day), including sound work, articulation & finger drills, plus Telemann and Hurel.
Up to 30mins looking over Liam’s alto flute piece.

4hrs total.

Masters paper:

500 words of anything – just write them down.
Plan out possible paper structure, then start refining chapter subheadings – what’s missing?

2hrs total.


An early morning walk, dal and greens for lunch, dinner with the Flenadys.
30mins Alexander tech, 30mins of German, 30mins of Modus Novus.

2.5hrs + evening dinner.

So I easily have 8.5hrs worth of work – with a 6.30am get-up through to leaving for the train around 5pm I have 10.5hrs to fit it in. Two hours of break… it sounds like it might be enough, but only if I’m committed and on top of things from the outset.


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