Bei Regen


The rains have set in – apparently for all of this week! Bad news for the Invasion Day march, and for my rapidly shrinking pile of clean clothes, but good news for practise and getting work done. It’s cool and wet and lovely, and the gentle drumming on the roof soothes me no end (this is something I’ve not grown to fear after my flood experience!).

Yesterday Amy, Alex, and I performed selections from our YPA programs – it was really nice to play in front of a few friends (we all commented on how nervous you get playing for people who know you well!) and great to build up the confidence a little. Particularly given how ill-prepared I’ve been feeling, it is nice to feel things coming together okay. I omitted the Ford and the Hurel, but will dedicate a good chunk of practise time to each this week and then maybe on Friday or Saturday perform them for Liam and whoever else happens to be around. And Patrick called! He’s back in town and I can have a lesson on Friday. So starting to feel that getting this program to an acceptable level is achievable – it mightn’t be spectacular, and most likely won’t be enough to get me through to Stage II, but so long as I don’t completely embarrass myself I’ll be happy.

Now the challenging bit is balancing this work with writing my paper, and there is still much too much to be done. And as I have said in earlier posts, I’m not good at switching over. But maybe the urgency will ensure it’s all okay – I seem to have gotten over that last hill of panic (not to say there’s no more to come), and now realise how swiftly action must be taken. There’s no excuses this week, I simply have to work as many hours as I can each day without fail.

So back to it.


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