Second round and future posts


A very quick post, in order to remind myself that there are several future posts I wish to write over the coming days.

I made it through to stage two!! Of the Young Performer Awards. It’s a little bit exciting, to be honest. So now I am preparing the Penderecki flute concerto in earnest – this next round will be held at the end of March and I’ve only really done preliminary work on the piece thus far. So one of my FPs (Future Posts, which I’ve just decided to abbreviate for heaven knows what reason) is going to be a kind of interpretive analysis of this work.

Another FP will be a reflection on the lesson I had with Patrick last Friday, which was absolutely vital – it honestly meant the difference between me doing an okay stage one performance and actually getting through. In particular, we talked about kinetic energy and expressive movement, and how I wasn’t really feeling the structure of the music I was playing, which was reflected in my less-than-special performance. I applied such movement and energy superficially and it came off alright. But I’d like for this to be a part of my preparation from the beginning and also I’ve had a few good thoughts on the topic, so it will be necessary for me to write something up.

FP #3 will be on rhythm work, and what I am doing to improve my internal count. I rely too heavily on an internal pulse and a fairly good aural memory in order to get through tricky rhythmic stuff, when really I should have the framework set up for the necessary coordination involved in playing and counting at once. I actually think the movement stuff of the previous FP idea is important in fixing this problem.

That’s enough in the way of ideas for now I think. Oh no, there’s one more thing: a planning post, setting out how I’m going to attack the next month or so, with a few markers that I can check myself against. And I’m sure I’ll need to write something after my lesson with Kathleen on Sunday.


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