Europa take II


Let’s ignore the fact that I have not written for actual months for a minute.

There are several things I am preparing for at the moment, one of which is the debut performance of Kupka’s Piano, which I’m ultra excited about, and another is an impending trip to France, Switzerland, Germany, and maybe Finland.

So I have a bit of a list of repertoire to prepare or to revisit over the coming five-ish weeks:

Krzysztof Penderecki

Kaija Saariaho’s Oi Kuu for bass flute and cello
Elliott Carter’s Esprit Rude Esprit Doux II for flute, clarinet and marimba
Mr Flannady’s new work for flute and piano, entitled Sketches, which Alex and I will be premièring next week
Toru Takemitsu’s Voice for solo flute
Philippe Hurel’s Loops I for solo flute
Brett Dean’s Demons if I can manage it in time…
Krzysztof Penderecki Concerto
Béla Bartók’s Hungarian Peasant Suite
J.S. Bach Partita
Mozart D Major
Jindřich Feld Sonate
Tristan Murail’s Unanswered Questions

I wonder if there’s anything else I could take… I need to think a bit about my next recital program too, and what else I’ll want to include in it. But for now this is looking like a fairly extensive list. Missing out the entire 19th century of course.

Next step will be to plan out the preparation of all this stuff. I’ll attempt that tomorrow!


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