Resolutions: One Three

  1. Finish reading The Second Sex (Simone de Beauvoir, new translation);
  2. Learn a slow movement a week, listening to at least 2-3 recordings and imitating nuance;
  3. Study all of Saariaho’s flute ouvre, learn the vast majority of these works (at the very least, the concerto, TerrestreCendresNoaNoa, and review Laconisme and Oi Kuu) – I’ll be studying these works with Camilla Hoitenga when I visit her in Cologne later this year as part of my Art Start project;
  4. Learn and perform Cassandra’s Dream Song by Ferneyhough;
  5. Practise yoga 6 days per week, including 2-3 classes and 3-4 home practise sessions (active or restorative), also do a yoga retreat;
  6. Be better at keeping a diary and prioritising (a) practise, and (b) most important tasks!

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