Some successes! And a dramatic change of plan


The last week or so has been in equal parts exciting and disappointing. The good news first!

Within the space of twelve hours I received news that I had been accepted into the Ensemble Modern & Tokyo Wonder Site academy in late March and that my casual audition for the Queensland Symphony Orchestra was successful and I had been added to the list! So now my flights to Japan are booked and I’m dreaming about cherry blossoms (I’ll be there smack bang in the middle of the season!) and hopefully one day soon I’ll get a call to play with QSO and be a “real” flute player.

This beautiful image from

This beautiful image from ‘Life to Reset’

The bad news is that it’s pretty much definite that I won’t be travelling to Europe this year, for a variety of reasons. While this is a massive bummer, I’ll be able to roll over my ArtStart funding and travel over next year for probably a bigger and more exciting project, and I’ll spend April through July this year doing some pretty cool things right here in Australia. These include an extra week in Tokyo to explore, Kupka’s May concert (ironically, it’s a Germany focus), auditioning for the Australian Flute Festival competition, and a possible month in Sydney to study with the amazing Laura Chislett (instead of Saariaho’s entire flute ouvre I’m going to nail Cassandra’s Dream Song and maybe the Boulez Sonatine) and Alison Mitchell if she’s around. Then next year I’ll spend up to six months in the EU, studying with Camilla Hoitenga and others, attending Darmstadt, Klangspuren Schwaz and hopefully Lucerne, and sitting in on rehearsals of amazing ensembles. So not an especially bad deal.

Next on the cards here in Brisbane is Kupka’s Asia concert (7.30pm, Friday 8 March at Judith Wright and 1pm, Thursday 14 March at UQ) – we’re really hoping to sell out, so if you’re reading this you should come! After that I have YPA round 1 on March 21 (eep! that’s soon!) and then I leave for Japan the very next day. So there is rather a lot to keep me busy.


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