Some things I need to do

  1. Drink more water.
  2. Stretch more (today I am nursing a very sore, seized-up shoulder and neck), do more yoga, remember to heat pack my muscles after practice, etc.
  3. Find some more (paid…) work, perhaps marking. Earn enough that I can afford a massage on occasion.
  4. Eat less cheese, more vegan. More green smoothies.
  5. Take lessons with Alexis Kenny, looking at flute festival competition repertoire and other standard rep. Work out some way of getting to Sydney for a chunk of lessons with Laura Chislett.
  6. Organise my practice time much better, and spend more time playing things like the Händel sonatas for style and sound.
  7. Mimic recordings I like. Return to the slow movement project of my new year’s resolutions.
  8. Tidy up our house and keep it tidy…
  9. Do more exercise in general, walk Ernie everyday.
  10. Write more blog posts. Monitor my progress (and lack thereof) better and more often.

But right now I’m going to sit with my heat pack on my shoulder and watch Doctor Who. You, on the other hand, should watch this – it’s eighth blackbird and friends playing Andriessen’s Worker’s Union – in honour of the Labour Day marches around Australia today.


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