A post a day keeps the excuses away


Haven’t written for a while, despite opening the new post page a good number of times and putting ‘blog post’ on my to-do list a number more. I’m currently meeting challenges old and new, many of which deserve the more careful attention that comes from writing about them. So it’s time for a good old fashioned post-a-day blitz. I’ll start with one week then decide whether it needs to continue into two – Ensemble Interface arrive soon and I really want to write in detail about my experiences while they’re here, but at the rate I’ve been going I’ll be lucky to get anything down at all. So I’ll try to get the momentum going now.

My flute is yet to emerge from its case today – I spent the morning in bed with cramps and post-Wednesday exhaustion (I start teaching at 7.30am and finish after 6pm on a Wednesday), then gave my workshop at the Mater Hospital, then retreated back to bed. I’ll start practicing at 5pm, which comes and goes, so I’ll start at 6. But Maybe I’ll go to yoga. No, I’ll practice, it’s more important that I practice, I’ll meditate and practice. But I’m still sitting on my bed, trying to get up and going.

In the last couple of weeks I’ve had two crazy successful days of practise – last Tuesday, and the Monday the week before that. Both times I managed to start playing around 10am after a 30min meditation and warm-up I’ve worked out with Patrick’s help. The meditation might sound a little corny/new age, but it’s amazing, and I’ve never felt so free of tension and focussed at the beginning of a day as after this. I’m sure to write more about it and how it’s going for me.

Rainbow meditation (10mins)
Visualise red: release physical tension
Visualise orange: release emotions (good as well as bad)
Visualise yellow: clear the mind, release intellectually
Visualise green: feel peace
Visualise blue: feel the love, coming in to you and out of you
Visualise indigo/violet: feel a spiritual connection
Visualise white: all is one

I’ve followed this up with a few chosen affirmations and my practice goals for the day, then a moving meditation to connect with the breath. The moving meditation is one we do regularly in my yoga class, and it’s lovely. Difficult to describe in words however! Only then have I picked up my flute and played, bringing strength to my core and opening my chest/throat.

What I’m yet to do, however, is harness the evident power in this routine for days on which I am busy doing a number of other things besides practice. These are the days I find it so hard to even get in the room. Still, 6.30 isn’t so late and my housemates have just headed out. I’ll start right away.


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