Something must be written


Unfortunately I neglected to write a post before Liam, Ernie and I headed around to Alethea and Michael’s (and Peter’s, and Jess’s) this evening, and we have only just arrived home again. Still, I’m determined to stick to my post-a-day commitment, so something must be written.

The day: started okay, if a bit slowly, with a walk and breakfast and tea at the cafe over the road. But I felt a bit low and then the heavies hit, and I slumped out – just as I was about to begin it all fell to pieces. Consequently I didn’t achieve much until the afternoon when I found I could do some practice in 10 min bursts or so. A little clocking of some Donatoni mostly. Then I had an older student (in his 60s!) for his first lesson and was confronted with the difficulties of the adult beginner – the frustration, matched only by the determination. The remainder of the day consisted of two 50 min walks to and from Alethea and Michael’s, which sandwiched dinner, a chat about their trip to Italy/Finland/Britain/Germany, some initial Donatoni rehearsal, and Ernie running about like a mad thing.

Some of the major challenges with the Donatoni will be precise note-placement, particularly accented notes, between instruments with very different attacks/delays of onset, matching note length (staccato!), and just plain old difficult finger work skipping across registers. Together Alethea (violin) and I slowly played through a few sections – these are quite distinct in this work, demarcated by tempo and distinct character changes – nutting out some initial problem patches. Over the next week or so we’ll do more of this work, in sectionals and smaller groupings, before starting to pull the work together when Interface arrive.

Tomorrow I’ll start the day with a much needed yoga class (my middle back hates me, and let’s not mention my right shoulder), then will focus on technique practice, some more Donatoni, Carter, and Lanza.


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