Resolution time



This year, as per Dr Noa Kageyama’s (the Bulletproof Musician) suggestions, I wrote down some 83 possible New Year’s resolutions then whittled it down to just three:

  1. Read a novel per month
  2. Record myself every week and have a ‘lesson’ with myself
  3. Go swimming in the Nordic sea

Yes. That last one is completely ridiculous. But I’m determined to make it happen.

So next I must determine the smallest possible step I can take towards achieving these three goals, things I can do today/tomorrow (tomorrow is a little difficult as Liam and I will be spending the day at Woodford Folk Festival).

1. Brainstorm novel possibilities for the year
2. Buy a Zoom H4N recording device (this is cheating: I have already done this yesterday courtesy of ArtStart grant money)
3. Look up the Nordic sea and any swimming possibilities

Here’s to 2014!


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