Practice anxiety: tool #3



Take a shower

Why? When you’re experiencing some intense feelings that are preventing you from starting practice, you can get really stuck seeking out distractions (internet time/social media is a big one). A quick shower helps your body to feel better, steps you away from screens, and allows you a moment to examine your mind and decide what is best to do next. It can help you feel like you’re washing off your brain a little bit, as well as your body. And, most importantly, it gives you a break point from your previous activities. It can literally be like pressing refresh – get rid of some of that built up cache so you can start afresh.

What? If it’s hot, challenge yourself to a blast of cold water, even if just for the last 10 seconds. You’ll step out feeling invigorated and your energy levels with be lifted. If it’s cold, enjoy hot water, your body will feel better able to take on the physical work of music practice. Spend at least 30 seconds just focussing on the sensation of water on your skin as a kind of mini mindfulness exercise – it helps you connect your mind to your physical body, gives it an anchor.


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