Reading List


Novel-a-month 2014:

January: Alexis Wright // Carpentaria
February: Mikhail Bulgakov // The Master & Margarita
March: Arundhati Roy // The god of small things
April: Thomas Pynchon // The Crying of Lot 49
May: Chimamanda Adichie // Americanah
June: Lydia Davis // The End of the Story
July: Dewi Lestari // Supernova, The Knight, the Princess and the Falling Star
August: Eve Langley // The Pea Pickers
September: Carlos Ruiz Zafón // The Shadow of the Wind
October: Eleanor Catton // The Luminaries
November: Virginia Woolf // The Waves
December: Zadie Smith // White Teeth


Mikhail Bulgakov // The Master and Margarita
Benjamin & Rosemary Stone Zander // The Art of Possibility
Alexandra Horowitz // Inside of a Dog


Alain Badiou // Five Lessons on Wagner
Foster & Magdoff // What Every Environmentalist Needs to Know About Capitalism
Angus & Butler // Too Many People?
Sheila Rowbotham // Dreamers of a New Day: Women who invented the 20th C.
Simone de Beauvoir // The Second Sex (new translation!)
Lydia Sargent (ed.) // The Unhappy Marriage of Marxism & Feminism
Virgina Woolf // The Waves (and others)
Pedro de Alcantara // Indirect Procedures

Selected Recommendations:

Alain Badiou // Ethics & In Praise of Love
Nina Power // One Dimensional Woman
Rosemarie Putnam-Tong // Feminist Thought
Pat Brewer // The Dispossession of Women
Gerald Klickstein // The Musician’s Way
Carmel Liertz // Performance Confidence
Steve Schick // The Percussionist’s Art
Salman Rushdie // The Satanic Verses (not because I am an atheist or at all anti-Islam, but because I think it is a brilliant novel)
Alexis Wright // Carpentaria
Katherine Mansfield // Short Stories
Virginia Woolf // Anything! (but especially To the Lighthouse)


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