Repertoire List(s)


This is repertoire dreaming! The works marked in green are the ones I have performed, the ones marked in orange I’m working on currently. Eventually I’d like this page to have a list of lists, divided up in more interesting ways – a ‘Haydn Event’ and a ‘Schoenberg Event’ list for example, an ‘Alternate Historical Repertoire for the Flute’, etc. For now, here’s the one list divided up traditionally by period.


Bach, C.P.E. // Solo Sonata in A minor, ‘Hamburger’ Sonata, Concerto in D minor
Bach, J.S. // Partita in A minor, Sonatas (especially E & B minor, E & A major)
Telemann, G.P. // Fantasias, Canonic & Methodical Sonatas (selection)


Beethoven ?? violin sonata
Haydn, J. // Sonata after String Quartet Op.77 No.1
Mozart, W.A. // Concertos (because I have to), Flute Quartets (w strings)


Brahms, J. // Sonatas in F minor & Eb major Op.120 (also violin sonata A maj)
Franck, C. // Sonata in A major
Fétis, F.J. // Concerto in B minor
Schubert, F. // Arpeggione Sonata D821
Schumann ?? violin sonata
Strauss, R. // Sonata in E major Op.18
Wagner, R. // Träume or other violin solos (just for fun!!)


Bozza, E. // Agrestide
Hindemith, P. // Acht Stücke
Martinu, B. // First Sonata
Prokofiev, S. // Sonata in D
Schoenberg, A. // Sonata after the Wind Quintet, Op.26
Varèse, E. // Density 21.5

1945-1999 (some of these may belong in the 2000+ category…)

Berio, L. // Sequenza I
Boulez, P. // Sonatine
Carter, E. // Scrivo in vento, Enchanted preludes – w/ cello
Feld, J. // Sonata for flute & piano
Ferneyhough, B. // Cassandra’s Dream Song; Unity Capsule …!
Furrer, B. // Presto con fuoco; Invocation III … VI! – w/ sop
Globokar, V. // Monolith
Gould, G. // Flute Sonata (!)
Halffter, C. // Debla
Holliger, H. // (t)aire(e), Sonate (in)solit(air)e
Hurel, P. // Loops, Eolia
Jolivet, A. // Cinq Incantations; Suite en concert – w/ perc
Maderna, B. // Honeyrêves; Dialodia – w/ ob
Murail, T. // Unanswered Questions
Messiaen, O. // Le Merle Noir
Neuwirth, O. // Spleen II
Pauset, B. // Euridice
Penderecki, K. // Concerto
Poulenc, F. // Sonata for flute & piano
Saariaho, K. // Laconisme de L’aile
Scelsi, G. // Quays, Ko-lho – w/ cl
Sciarrino, S. // Opera per Flauto, Concerto??
Stockhausen, K. // In Freundschaft, Flautina
Takemitsu, T. // Voice
Yun, I. // Etudes


Carter, E. // Concerto (2008)
Dean, B. // Demons (2004)
Flenady, L. // Sketches (2012)


Andersen, J. // 24 Etudes Op.15
Karg-Elert, S. // Thirty Studies, Op.107
Jean Jean, F.P. // Etudes Modernes


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